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Celebrating Women's History: Empowering Women and Making a Difference with Camila

Camila's headshot


Camila B. | Consultant, Services Project/Program Management | Texas, United States

Originally Published: March 8th, 2024

Camila stands in a road being recorded by a news camera.

Tell us about you.

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 18, I made the decision to move to the United States for a high school exchange program in South Texas. Following my high school graduation, I relocated to Alpine, Texas to attend Sul Ross State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on broadcast communications.


After completing my college education, I applied for a reporter position at a TV station in Odessa, Texas. Despite a promising tour and interview with the producer, I was informed that I couldn't be hired due to my accent. It was a crushing moment. Being a reporter was my lifelong dream, and the rejection based on my accent felt like a significant setback. My accent is a part of who I am, and it will never change.


Determined to pursue my goals, I decided to move to the big city — Austin. I was thrilled to receive an internship offer at NBC Austin, where I would serve as a field reporter. In addition, while working a door-to-door sales job, an unexpected opportunity presented itself during a sales pitch at a staffing company. The employee noticed my accent and, upon learning about my multilingual abilities in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, informed me of an open position at Dell Technologies where those language skills were mandatory. The very next day, I began working at Dell, and I've now been with the company for 13 years.

Camila's one-year-old son, Cooper, sits in a ball pit.

Today, I find myself navigating the journey of single motherhood with my beautiful 1-year-old, Cooper. When I discovered at the hospital that Cooper was born with hearing loss, it triggered a wave of anxiety as a first-time mom facing an unexpected challenge. In response, I instinctively entered mama bear mode, delving into extensive research. Today, Cooper enjoys a normal life, thanks to the hearing aids he wears on both ears, granting him the gift of perfect hearing.


Beyond my role as a mother, I am a fiercely hardworking and ambitious woman. My hero and role model was my dad, who unfortunately passed away four years ago. He was a dedication father, husband and active freemason. The wisdom and knowledge he imparted have shaped me into a resilient woman. I strive to surround myself with individuals who genuinely care for my well-being, just as I make it a priority to ensure everyone in my circle feels appreciated and cared for. If someone's having a tough day, you can count on me to deliver Tiff’s Treats cookies with ice cream!

How do you approach self-care and well-being as a woman in today's fast-paced world?

I strongly believe in the importance of giving ourselves some grace. As a single mom to a 1-year-old, juggling a full-time role at Dell Technologies, serving as the chapter lead for Dell’s Women in Action Employee Resource Group (WIA ERG), and being a nonprofit board member for The Americano Dream in Round Rock, Texas, my life is consistently busy. On top of that, my mother resides in Brazil, and I am an only child.


Amid this constant busyness, I've come to realize that as women, we don't have to shoulder everything alone. It's crucial to leverage the support of our personal armies — our friends and families, who play vital roles in providing assistance. At work, I'm fortunate to have understanding leaders who recognize life's unpredictability. We are all humans trying to do our best — not perfect, but our best.


Reflecting on your own life, who are the women that have inspired or influenced you the most?

My mother! My mother is my closest confidante and my best friend. Through her guidance, I've learned the values of kindness, strength and the courage to confront life with the belief that dreams can indeed come true. While acknowledging that achieving those dreams requires dedicated effort and hard work, my mom instilled in me the understanding that the world is filled with limitless opportunities. This allows us to become whoever we aspire to be.

Camila poses with another woman.

How has your involvement in the WIA ERG at Dell Technologies impacted your professional growth and sense of community within the organization?

I've been a part of WIA for four years now, currently serving as the chapter lead for the Central Region covering 25 states. This role feels like a second full-time job, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love it. Throughout my journey with WIA, I've not only forged incredible friendships but also had the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. The ability to share initiatives with over 5,000 people has been a source of immense joy for me.


One of the most heartwarming experiences during my time with WIA occurred amid the challenges of COVID-19. We selected a nursing home in Round Rock where residents were unable to go outside. In response, I reached out to all our WIA members, urging them to donate bird feeders and bird food. Each resident's window received a bird feeder, and we took turns refilling them weekly. One day, while I was adding more bird food, one woman tapped on her window. Though I couldn't hear her, I could read her lips as she said, "Thank you so much. I love my birds." That moment brought tears to my eyes, and I felt profoundly grateful to have played a role in making it happen.


In your opinion, how can women effectively support and uplift each other in personal and professional spheres?

Let's make it a habit to celebrate each other more frequently. Extending a helping hand can make a significant impact. Instead of constantly competing, we have the power to walk side by side, striving to achieve our dreams together. It's essential to cultivate kindness among ourselves. In our workplace interactions, we often overlook the challenges that others might be facing at home or in life. I strongly believe that embracing empathy towards others not only fosters a safer and more comfortable professional environment but also contributes to personal well-being.


To learn more about life at Dell, visit Our Stories.

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