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Our Culture Code

Our Culture Code defines who we are, describes what we believe, and sets clear expectations for how we work and how we lead.

How We Work and Lead

Our Culture Code

Our culture is defined by our values and made real every day by how we work and lead. We know our culture is the foundation for all we’ve achieved, and for all the success ahead of us. This is our culture code. #CultureCode.

How We Work and Lead

Our Values Unite Us

Scroll through images on the right to learn more about our core values from Dell employees.


We believe our relationships with customers are the ultimate differentiator and the foundation for our success.

"Customers are the center of our universe here at Dell...Everything we do resolves around our relationships with our customers."

- Terrence (Teddy) Kinneen

Winning Together

We believe in and value our people. We perform better, are smarter, and have more fun working as a team than as individuals.

"I would not be able to get my work done without the close collaboration and partnership of others."

- Vanice Hayes


We believe our ability to innovate and cultivate breakthrough thinking is an engine for growth, success and progress.

"Innovation is connecting the dots where others previously had not to bring something new to the world."

- Dan Ireland


We believe in being accountable to an exceptional standard of excellence and performance.

"Results are the realization of your hard work making a positive impact in everything you do."

- Darrick Nelsen


We believe integrity must always govern our fierce desire to win.

"Integrity means demonstrating and living what you believe every day in both your personal and professional life."

- Dineen Mansfield

How We Work and Lead

Our Leadership Principles Inspire Us

Leadership is a choice bounded by what you believe. When we believe and do the right things, we can make a positive difference anywhere. How we lead matters. This is how we lead at Dell.

"Approach everything you do with energy, optimism and integrity. Follow through on the things you say and keep your commitments."

Santiago Perez-Kolk

We work hard to build partnerships of trust in all our endeavors. We know that strong relationships bring not only great business success, but great personal fulfillment.

We recognize that ambition, energy, and grit are rare and difficult to coach. We cultivate these qualities in ourselves and in others, but bound our ambition with a strong desire to do the right thing.

We strive to be wise in our decisions. We rely on facts and we value knowing the market and our competition. We think deeply about our choices. When we face conflicting interests we place those of our customers, the company and our people above our own. While we take our decisions seriously, we are agile. We change direction when it’s the right thing to do, and we don’t let bureaucracy get in the way of making decisions.

We carefully define success, and are relentless about communicating that vision in terms that are simple, vivid, and compelling to our global team. We know why we want to achieve something is as important as what we want to achieve. We provide the context for our decisions and make clear how they serve the company and our customers.

We know that people will not follow skepticism or cynicism. While we are realists, we are always optimistic about our people, their potential, and the future. We know confidence takes energy, and that our teams count on us to be a strong source of optimism even during challenging times.

We are confident in our ability to get things done and take on challenges, but we temper that confidence with the knowledge that comes with experience. We recognize we are not always right and not always the smartest person in the room, and we welcome feedback, take responsibility for our shortcomings, and know our successes are shared

We know that leadership is about how we succeed and is especially about how we help others succeed. We care about the effect our leadership has on the people we lead. We invest in them, develop them, and do all we can to help them achieve their aspirations and do their best for Dell and the customers we serve.

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