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Inspiring Inclusivity: International Women's Day

Originally Published: March 5th, 2024


International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of women everywhere. A few of our female sales leaders across EMEA share what IWD means to them and how they inspire inclusion in their roles.


Isabel's headshot

Isabel M. | Vice President, Sales | Netherlands

On this International Women’s Day, we unite across continents, languages, and cultures to honor the indomitable spirit of women.


Our world is a symphony of diverse voices, and within it, a thousand stories unfold — each a testament to strength, resilience, and progress. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene canals of Amsterdam, women stand at the forefront of change. They are mothers, caregivers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders. Their hands shape policies, their voices echo in boardrooms and their hearts nurture communities. In the corporate landscape, women break barriers. They dismantle stereotypes, proving that leadership knows no gender.


As a leader in the technology sector, I witness firsthand the impact of women in technology. They drive innovation, foster collaboration, and ignite transformation. Yet, our journey is not without challenges. We navigate biases, stereotyping and societal expectations. But we persist. We rise, not as lone warriors, but by supporting each other. We mentor, uplift and amplify one another. We build bridges, not walls.


As we raise our voices, let us remember that equality is not a distant dream; it is a shared responsibility. I truly believe in inclusive policies, inspiring, coaching, mentoring, and creating pathways that empower future generations of women.


Florence's headshot

Florence R. | Vice President, Channel Sales | Paris, France

 I believe that when there is a special day for a cause, it means that the cause is still there. IWD was initiated some 47 years, and today we are still celebrating it. I view it as a way to recognize progress made in terms of gender equality and to highlight that continuous improvements still need to be made. There is a specific quote by Simone de Beauvoir that would often be used by Simone Veil, the first female President of the European Parliament, that goes, “Never forget that it only takes one political, economic or religious crisis for women's rights to be put in jeopardy. Those rights are never to be taken for granted, you must remain vigilant throughout your life.”


To me, inclusion means understanding and accepting differences and raising awareness of its importance. Being aware that we are all different and allowing people to be themselves is key. I believe that having a diverse and inclusive team contributes to greater impact and overall performance. As a leader, I find that it is important to support your leaders and team members in developing the mindset that we are all different and have biases. In addition, I encourage them to be diversity and inclusion champions and promote Employee Resource Group (ERG) involvement. I also recognize their ERG initiatives during my all staffs. Education and understanding are key.



Odile's headshot

Odile A. | Director, Systems Engineering, Solutions Architect | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I personally believe that equal rights for all will make this world a better place. Putting it in the context of this month’s celebration, IWD means celebrating women’s achievements, taking action to drive gender parity and valuing our differences.


While all of the above should be a continuous commitment to society, IWD is a powerful reminder of the progress made towards gender equality and highlights the work that still needs to be done. 


Inspire Inclusion is more than a slogan; it’s a powerful call to action. This theme underscores the crucial role of inclusion in achieving gender equality. It is celebrating uniqueness and breaking down walls.


As a leader at Dell Technologies, I recognize that diverse teams drive decision making, innovation, and overall business success. Inclusion isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s also a strategic advantage. When everyone’s voice is heard, creativity flourishes and solutions become more robust. Within my team, I focus on open communication, respect and collaboration. By doing so, we create a safe space where everyone can thrive.  


Beyond my team, I am a mentor. I encourage my mentees to highlight their achievements and competencies, believe in their capabilities, share their aspirations and seize new opportunities. I am part of an allyship program led by the Women in Action EMEA ERG. It demonstrates our commitment to inclusion, educates others about allyship, advocates for equal opportunities and challenges biases. 



Catherine's headshot

Catherine D. | Senior Director, Direct Sales | Dublin, Ireland

For me, International Women's Day represents the important work made towards gender parity on a worldwide scale. Having a day like this ensures the topic stays top of mind for everyone. It acts as a powerful reminder of the constant battle that women face everywhere. This day, in my opinion, is an appeal to overcome the social and institutional obstacles that support gender inequality and discrimination. It's important to recognize the wide range of difficulties that women encounter, from unequal access to healthcare and education to the enduring prevalence of gender-based violence and economic inequality. We reaffirm our commitment to creating a future where every woman, regardless of her circumstances or background, has the chance to prosper and contribute to society on equal footing by commemorating International Women's Day. It's not just a day to honor individuals. It serves as a call to action for the creation of a society where gender equality is the rule rather than the exception.


Inclusion for me is the acceptance of people as they are, without the need to highlight or focus on their differences. It's about establishing an environment where people cherish and respect one another for who they are, and where variety is celebrated rather than just tolerated. Building an inclusive culture is encouraging individuals to be who they truly are without worrying about criticism or prejudice from attributes like ability, gender, sexual orientation, or race. It's about making sure that everyone has an equal chance to participate and prosper, and appreciating the distinctive viewpoints and contributions that each individual brings to the table. In an inclusive environment, differences are an important contributor to our common experience, and they broaden our understanding and appreciation of those around us.



Charlotte's headshot

Charlotte M. | Director, Product and Solutions Sales Specialist | Scotland, United Kingdom

To me, IWD celebrates the historic efforts that have allowed us the freedoms of today, but also provides recognition to the efforts of women in the modern world — the women raising the future generations, the women breaking societal norms and expectations and the women paving the way to our future — whilst appreciating the plight that it can sometimes be to be a woman.


I inspire inclusion by empowering my team members to have a voice and by giving them opportunities to highlight and showcase their skills and qualities. I encourage them to leverage and embrace their uniqueness and style to challenge the norm and stand out.


To all females out there contemplating a career in sales, I encourage you to forget what you think you know about the tech sector. Come and embrace your voice, help reshape the IT landscape, and don’t be afraid to be the anomaly. It is innovative, fast paced, inclusive and drives technology that will shape our lives in the future. There is nowhere that is as exciting a place to be than the tech sector.


Happy International Women’s Day!


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