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One Step Forward to Embrace Unlimited Possibilities— Step into the Shoes of a Female Business Leader and Feel the Power of "Her"!

Karen Hsu

Karen H. | Vice President for Latitude Engineering

Originally Published: May 12, 2022

Embrace change and explore unlimited career possibilities

Q: How would you describe your leadership?

A: It's the three key words-listening, communicating, and empathizing. It's important to try to think of other people's positions, and I would discover and explore more connections on my own. I've been with Dell Technologies for over twenty years. From the beginning as a Software Engineer to the Product Development Manager, and finally, to my current position as Vice President of Software Development, it's a great story! A big turning point was when I switched to product development, I was no longer just responsible for the local software, but made the product, put it on the market, and reach the users, which I found very fulfilling! I didn't have a background in engineering mechanics, so there were some challenges. Victor, my boss at that time, gave me plenty of trusts, and I'm still very touched now when I think about it. At that early stage, the "Sponsor" spirit within Dell was already well established.

Q: How does teamwork operate?

A: Dell has always taken the career path of individuals seriously and has an in-depth, clear, and targeted training mechanism. I've always had the intention of making others feel valued and needed and making people work together more smoothly. Dealing with senior engineers is important, and it's not easy to convince them and convey some ideas. In terms of expertise and vertical fields, they delve deep, while I think more differently, from the perspective of customers, market, products, and user experience, opening the connection of the system instead of challenging them. In this way, we get along better and better over time.


Gentle and windy management style

Q:  Are you afraid of ambition?

A: I admire ambitious women, but I am a very easy-going person myself. Ambitious and easy-going characteristics are not contradictory, and it is important to follow the environment to do things well and show your confidence and ability. In a stressful environment, it is important to keep a normal mind, not to be afraid of difficulties, to act according to the situation, and to prove yourself with results.

Q: What should I do if I encounter conflict?

A: My personality is relatively straightforward. The success of the product belongs to the team. It is significant for team members to have a common goal, trust with each other and listen to each other's views, which can produce rich knowledge. Dell focuses a lot on multi-dimension feedback to the talents. Talents need to be developed holistically, internally, and externally, which requires continuous learning, maintaining humility, and deep communication with others. When employees are promoted, they also need guidance, exposure to a broader perspective, and different voices. I don't show too much personal emotion in the workplace, and my stability plays a big role in bringing the team together.

Q: Have you encountered any sexism in the workplace?

A: To be honest, I have not encountered any gender-related discrimination or bias in the past 20 years at Dell. Dell has been doing a great job in diversity and inclusion for many years. Any kind of success depends on the dedication of all team members, and there is less of an injustice created by gender. I've seen some companies where very capable women are subject to this undeserved bias and influence and don't have more opportunities to shine, and I think it's particularly unfortunate and women should have more support.


Get to know people in a natural way

Observe, Connect, Trust

In my regular work, I like to observe others and reflect on myself, which is a natural and no-need-to-practice mindset. I also believe that by putting diverse people together, building mutual trust and great relationships, a lot of good things can happen. It's also important to have more connections outside of work. Some of my colleagues are learning English, so we can meet for lunch and chat together in English, which is a great way to practice speaking in a relaxed environment, and everyone has a great time. Building connection and trust is a long-term, cumulative thing, and it's important to have confidence and patience with others as well as yourself.


Q: Dell Technologies is committed to attracting and developing female talents in the global marketplace! Dell has created a place that is inclusive, diverse, warm, friendly, where people feel they belong and where people want to come to work. The values of "respect and care for our employees from the heart" are also paying long dividends for Dell at the business level. What are the Group's positive practices?

A:  Unleashing the potential of women

While enhancing the professional capabilities of our employees, Dell also gives female employees more opportunities to show their leadership skills and inspires female strength to innovate in the technology industry.

Mentor Connection System

Global-level leaders share insights and information on negotiation, personal brand building, and many other areas in the community, providing cutting-edge industry insights and expanding the talent landscape. Local business leaders guide new members to quickly integrate into existing teams and solve challenges they encounter, while also serving as communicators to create a working atmosphere of mutual trust and sincerity and enhance employees' sense of belonging.

Women's Empowerment Network

Dell Technologies has established an organized, effective, and dynamically balanced corporate support system. We share practical experience and resources with female employees who are intrapreneurs, break down cognitive limitations, help ideas get off the ground, and provide practical support for employee achievement.

Achievement at the moment

Dell continues to explore the potential of female executives and provide resources to support high-performing women at mid-career, helping them to plan their careers and ensuring a smooth path to advancement.

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