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Dell Pets: Behind the Scenes with Duchess

Duchess S. | Dell Technologies Sidekick | Texas

Originally Published: November 3rd, 2023

Duchess is not your average bird. This 42-year-old Umbrella Head Cockatoo has charmed her way into the hearts of everyone who crosses her path. With her striking white plumage and captivating personality, Duchess is a true feathered celebrity.

Duchess' Favorite Treats

First things first, Duchess is a foodie. She's head over heels for baked sweet potatoes and can't resist the crunchy joy of dry spaghetti, which we charmingly call "happy sticks." Dell's flexible work schedule allows me to deliver Duchess her culinary delights and take much needed brain breaks throughout the day. Watching her nibble away at these treats is pure entertainment!

Harmonizing Work and Duchess’ Bath Time Routine

Bath time is a highlight in Duchess' day, and it’s nothing short of a spa-like experience. She prefers the fine mist from a spray bottle or hose as she fluffs her feathers and flaps her wings, turning bath time into a luxurious event. Thanks to Dell's hybrid work, Duchess can bask in the joy of her favorite daily ritual and get the much-needed attention she requires as an exotic breed.

Soaking Up the Sun

During the heat of the day, Duchess is all about soaking up the sun and making her presence known. She lounges like royalty, stretching out her wings and basking in the warmth, all the while keeping a vigilant eye on the sky. If she spots another bird in her kingdom, her crest stands tall, and she lets out a squawk that could rival a fire alarm. Duchess must always be the star of the show!

Duchess' Philanthropic Endeavors

What sets Duchess apart isn't just her penchant for culinary delights and sunbathing; she's also an ambassador for her breed. She occasionally embarks on trips to the local high school, where she has amassed quite a following among students and staff alike. In a post-Covid learning environment, Duchess supports the next generation of Dell team members by encouraging engagement and increasing communication within technical education. Her engaging personality and calming presence have made her a beloved figure, and she's become something of a celebrity within the school walls.

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