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Cristina's Life at Dell Technologies


Cristina R. | Special Projects, ISG Market Intelligence | Mexico

Originally Published: August 19, 2022

Cristina is a team member based out of Mexico City. She works as a Consultant in the Global Market Intelligence Group for ISG (Infrastructure Solution Group), making analyses and tailored studies to provide materials that allows teams to find growth opportunities in storage, servers, and networking areas.

Cristina shared her experience with us about moving from onsite to a home office position, and how the flexible work helped her to improve her work-life balance. 

Did you previously work from the office before the pandemic? How do you feel being able to work remotely now?

Since Dell Technologies gives me flexibility, I've adapted my way of working according to my internal clients. For example, seven years ago, when I started working for Dell in Mexico, my marketing role was onsite. I went to the office every day because my internal clients were there, mainly the Country Manager and the Sales Directors. Three years later, I took a regional role in Latin America, and I began to have a hybrid role since I had internal clients in other countries, so I’d work two days from home and three from the office. 

Then I took a role in marketing operations. I worked mainly with the Vice President of LATAM and the directors from different marketing areas. From then on, I started working entirely from home, because I no longer had internal clients in Mexico, and it was more convenient for me.

Then the pandemic came, I changed teams, and started working on a global team, in charge of measuring the performance of Marketing activities, and 100% remotely. I had already been working from home for a year at that time, so it was not a radical change. My manager is based out of the United States and my colleagues out of the United States and Slovakia, I am the only one in Latin America.

I love working from home, but I also liked going to the office, it was very enriching because I was involved in all sales planning with leaders and salespeople. The interaction with them was a lot of fun and sometimes I miss having the planning sessions in a huge room for three days. I enjoy both ways of working, but I do feel that I am much more productive when I am at home - especially because of the complicated commute and traffic in Mexico City.

Cristina and her dog


How do you ensure Balance in your everyday life at Dell?

I am very organized with Outlook; I rely on the calendar, and I always have key moments of the day blocked, such as lunch or time to walk my pet, which are things that help me maintain a good mental balance.

I have the advantage of having a mini restaurant in the building where I live, and that saves me a lot of time, so I take advantage of a little bit of lunchtime to go to the bank or the supermarket depending on what I need to do. When I used to go to the office it was very difficult to deal with that kind of thing because of the complexity of Mexico City itself.

I live alone, I have a dog and now it is very easy to take her to the vet or for a walk.


How do you see Flexibility at Dell?

Cristina at home

Since I started working at Dell, I really value flexibility, and value that my performance evaluation is based on the results of my work, regardless of how I structure my schedule. In this way you meet your objectives, you are more creative, and you can add more value to what you contribute.

The truth is that at Dell you understand and live perfectly what it is like to work for results and not just to meet a schedule. Another benefit is that you become more dynamic in participating in activities like ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), because you can organize your time in such a way that you can do activities that are beyond your responsibilities and that, at least for me, has been a great way to socialize.


What is your favorite part about working for Dell? And Dell Mexico?

My favorite part of working at Dell Mexico is that it's a relaxed environment. When I used to go to the office, the kitchen was used for birthday cakes and almost every day someone had a birthday and I heard “Estas son las mañanitas…” at all hours. I really enjoyed the atmosphere with the people, who are the ones who make the difference. Now that I work for a global team and I'm remote, I miss that environment a little bit, but in my team, they are very friendly and we also have a lot of fun in other ways, even though we are not physically close. In a global role, you get to know a lot about other cultures, and I've learned a lot about the USA and Bratislava that I didn't know.

If I must sum it up in one word, what I like the most about Dell is the people.


What excites you about your organization/your role?

I am excited to know that I belong to an organization that is making a difference globally. It makes me very proud to know that I belong to such a large and global team and that we are truly making a difference. We are supporting companies to be more professional through technology, especially those in Latin America, and when we do that, we help those same companies to give jobs to more people and thus improve the economy of our countries. Since in Latin America this is an important challenge, knowing that we contribute that grain of sand to make the Gross Domestic Product of each country getting better makes me very proud.


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