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Driving the Future of Technology: Nick's Role in Shaping AI Strategies at Dell Technologies

Nick B. | Senior Consultant, Product Marketing | Washington, United States

Originally Published: February 27th, 2024

What are the main responsibilities and goals of your role, and how do they contribute to our company’s vision and strategy for AI?

In my role, I help drive our messaging and strategy across AI and Generative AI for the entire Dell Portfolio. It’s a mixture of thought leadership and marketing. The work I do is important because it creates a central, cohesive narrative that is used as an umbrella message that individual products support. Dell has the broadest portfolio from workstation PCs to the data center to the cloud* so there’s no limit to the stories we can tell - one day I’m talking about running models natively on a workstation, and the next we’re discussing the complexities of data management in this multicloud world.

How is Dell leveraging AI to redefine the future of technology solutions, and what role does it play in shaping the company's long-term vision?

Dell is doing a lot with AI to enable our customers – everything from delivering personalized experiences to automation in the data center, Dell has a track record of delivering innovation, which now stretches to AI. My focus, though, is more oriented around how Dell is enabling organizations to leverage Generative AI. This new AI era will be transformative for our company, but it will also be transformative for every organization. It is such a massive opportunity - it's creating whole new growth vectors for Dell, and changing what’s possible for our customers and partners.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, how does Dell envision AI influencing and transforming industries, and what strategic initiatives is the company undertaking to stay at the forefront of this revolution?

This moment with AI is like the smartphone moment. Those of us old enough to remember life without a smartphone remember what it was like to be lost or have to ask for directions – things we take for granted with maps at our fingertips and smart navigation built into our cars. Fast forward with GenAI, you have the ability to tap into all this existing data and get an answer to anything. No facet of our work and our lives will be unchanged. Generative AI may shift the balance in cloud and the data center as well. Dell is showing organizations they can actually develop or repurpose models for their own uses with their data in a more secure manner.

As far as strategic initiatives, Dell’s legacy has been built on democratizing technology, making cutting-edge advancements accessible and affordable to everyone. AI is no exception. Dell is at the epicenter of this data-intensive technology. As we embrace the GenAI era, we’re expanding our portfolio with a suite of products, solutions and services designed with customers in mind to enable businesses to harness the full potential of AI. Investments are being made in this space to educate both our team members and our customers. For example, I’m in the process of doing a three-city tour piloting a half day educational, in-person event around Generative AI that includes everything from the strategy to prompt engineering.

As a thought leader in the technology sector, how is Dell contributing to the ethical development and deployment of AI, ensuring responsible and inclusive innovation that aligns with the company's core values?

At Dell, we are technology optimists regarding AI and how it will influence our products, customers, employees and our planet. AI can be used to accomplish more with less, including improving access to data that can help us tackle some of our planet’s biggest challenges, like climate change, pollution, natural disasters, deforestation, wildfire hot spots, etc.  And, in addition to helping minimize the impact of AI on energy use in the data center, we have an incredible opportunity to use the powerful predictive capabilities and intelligence of AI to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

Considering the competitive nature of the tech industry, how is Dell fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration to harness the full potential of AI, and how does this contribute to the company's position as a preferred employer for those passionate about cutting-edge technologies?

We’ve been quick to embrace the AI opportunity. We’re diving deeper than ever before into supporting organizations through this journey. We go far past IT infrastructure, helping with the data science, and even how to get started with use cases. I think Dell’s role as a great “simplifier” and as a technology company looking to democratize access to this technology puts us in an incredibly exciting position to be an employer folks take notice of.

Looking ahead, how does Dell see AI shaping the future of work, and what opportunities does the company offer for professionals eager to be part of a dynamic team driving AI advancements that make a meaningful impact on a global scale?

A lot of people think of this technology as just one for the data center or cloud. What we’re seeing is that Generative AI will permeate every aspect of an organization. That means you’re going to see GenAI at the edge, and it's also going to be massive with knowledge workers; this is the future of work. You will see knowledge workers of each area be able to achieve levels of productivity we never could have imagined. And given Dell understands the possibilities of how GenAI changes the way we work, we’re well on our way to growing our own competency in this space. This means not only will those joining Dell be working for a market leader in AI, but they will also be some of the first to use industry leading tools.

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*Based on Dell analysis, August 2023. Dell Technologies offers hardware solutions engineered to support AI workloads from Workstations PCs (mobile and fixed) to Servers for High-performance Computing, Data Storage, Cloud Native Software-Defined Infrastructure, Networking Switches, Data Protection, HCI and Services.  

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